Thursday, November 17, 2011

Women are not taught that they should be satisfied......

Hey all you SEXY FANS!!!  

I received this statement from a SEXY FAN not too long ago: “Women aren't taught they should be satisfied and climax (reach orgasm) during each sexual interaction. This is a shame because women can achieve the rare gift of multiple orgasms and they don't even know it. 

I wish more women would insist on sexual encounters that provide orgasm for both partners and I wish more men would take the time to learn how to make a woman climax.

Just think how many relationships may be saved by understanding those very simple things. Thank you for your page and insights. Keep those discussions going!”
This is very insightful and I want to talk about it for a few moments…..

In one of my earlier polls, I found that roughly 30% of my female SEXY FANS ‘faked more orgasms than they actually had’. Girls, this is not okay…women are beautiful, sensual, soft, wonderful creatures and it is so important that we feel pleasure and ORGASMS!

For nearly every woman; having orgasms starts with being comfortable with your sexuality, that means understanding that you are a sexual being, that having sexy thoughts, feelings, dreams and fantasies are a good, natural and wonderful thing.

It also means knowing and understanding your own body. Women, learn what your clitoris (clit) is, know what your labia (outer and inner lips) are and understand that your vagina is actually the entrance to your uterus (womb). Your ‘entire’ vagina/va-jay-jay/pussy/etc. is called a vulva….isn’t that a nice word?

Again I say to you, get to know yourself, get to know your vulva, feel how soft your vulva is, feel where all your parts are, learn how you feel as you touch them, can you touch yourself in a way that brings you pleasure? If not, why not? Think about this…ok?

Also learn what your normal scent is, learn to enjoy your normal scent. Be OK with your normal scent, it is your God-given scent and it is wonderful! Ignore the billion dollar industry that tells you that your normal scent is yukky! They have lied to you to make money off of you!

Know when you ovulate, know what is a good contraception for you, (did you know that some bc pills, iud’s and many other bc’s with hormones can actually reduce your sex drive?).

Now is YOUR SEXY TIME!!! Don’t let your mom, your religion, your anything tell you not explore, feel, and touch yourself to find your pleasure places! Please expect pleasure!

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