Sunday, August 28, 2011

Poll Summary: Grooming "DOWN THERE"......

FUN & Interesting results!  

Two thirds of the respondents were female. 

Ladies grooming styles 'DOWN THERE"
40 percent of all respondents say that they like their partners nicely groomed ‘DOWN THERE” and the next highest categories were evenly split between ‘pretty much hairless’ and ‘TOTALLY hairless’. 

Guys grooming 'DOWN THERE' styles
As far as guys, P Diddy recommends that his fellow man get a full 'sack' wax if they want to impress the opposite sex. Half the guys are listening as the poll associated with this article shows that 54% would oblige!   

Looks like we are moving out of caveman/woman days as a mere 20% say that they like their partner hairy and natural ‘DOWN THERE’.

A third of the respondents were male…..I wonder which answers belong to them!

Comment anonymously and let me you wax or groom 'DOWN THERE'?

Sunday, August 21, 2011

Poll Summary: About Good Lovers...

Well, 75% of my 'ABOUT GOOD LOVERS' poll respondents claim that they are a good lover while 50% of my poll respondents say that their partner needs help to be a good lover.

25% admit to needing help being a good lover…..


I am here to help you be a good lover, help your partner be a good lover and to support you in being a good lover.

The MOST important thing that I can say on HOW to be a good lover is to BE AVAILABLE!

Are you available? 

When your partner wants you, ARE YOU AVAILABLE? 

When they call you to talk, ARE YOU AVAILABLE? 

When they grab you to flirt, ARE YOU AVAILABLE?

When they want sex, ARE YOU AVAILABLE? 

We can start working on the rest afterwards, but if you are available for your partner, well, that is the very first step!

Saturday, August 20, 2011

45% of men are unhappy....

According to the ‘Great Male Survey’ 45% of men are unhappy with their sex lives. It appears that frequency of sex is the main reason that they are unhappy. These men feel that after they leave college and start working, that the frequency of work begins to diminish to the point that nearly half of them are unhappy with their sex lives.


Sex is awesome and should be enjoyed regularly 3-4 times a week or more if possible.  Sex connects us to our partner and encourages feelings of affection and security for both.

Many times one partner is not interested in sex at this frequency and that is a problem. If you are in a relationship where your partner has a lower sex drive than you…well this situation can be really difficult and you might have feelings of rejection and anger. This is where communication is most important. You need to explain your feelings and your desires and see if a plan can be worked out for the 2 of you to enjoy sex more often. 

If that cannot be worked out, then you have some really hard questions to ask of yourself and your partner.

Are any of you struggling with this issue? Let me know by sending me your story and/or questions in the ‘Ask me a Question’ page in the right sidebar menu ….

as always, your questions are COMPLETELY ANONYMOUS!