Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Best Food for Male Endurance!?!

According to Men’s Health Magazine and Sarah Brewer, author of Increase Your Sex Drive –  

A certain yummy food is going to increase a man’s desire for sex! This food has high levels of calcium and phosphorus to build the energy stores of his muscles and give Mr. Sexy lots of endurance!

Oh and I can’t forget to tell you that the extra calcium can also make a man’s orgasms more powerful!

What food is this???

Vanilla ice cream! 

Good, rich, creamy, vanilla ice cream!

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Monday, March 28, 2011

I HATE complicated sex! Don’t you!??

A few months ago I did a poll and 25% of my SEXY Reader Girls said that they faked more orgasms than they had…..

Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhh…not good!

SEXY Girls & SEXY Guys, let’s TALK!!!  

I HATE complicated sex! Don’t you!??

So many times we make sex so damn complicated; our guy isn’t doing what we want, or what he is doing isn't what we want…and  SOMETIMES,  believe it or not girls, we aren’t doing something in a way that our guy likes….

Why aren’t we talking to each other?    

If your guy is doing something that isn’t doing the trick for you, then distract him by trying a new position, then get in a position that will make good orgasms happen for you…..

THEN…. as you are laying there after the moment, talk, talk, talk to him, say “hunny, when you lick me like that it drives me crazy, or, the way you do that makes me cum so fast…”

Or vice versa SEXY Reader guys!!!

We just have to talk to each other because complicated, mediocre sex is sooo not fun!

I agree with Dr. Pepper Schwartz author of Prime: Adventures and Advice on Sex, Love and the Sensual Years.

- “Sex is the bond that repairs the wear and tear of life together!” 

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Most favorite sex position of WOMEN!

In the recent MAXIM survey of over 8,000 women, for the third straight year in a row WOMEN voted 

DOGGIE style their favorite sex position - 31% of the vote!  

Other favorites were 



Try these positions this weekend!

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Women SURPRISE me!

Every year Maxim Magazine does a survery does a survey and asks nearly 8,000 women a boatload of questions. 
I am not sure where they find these women, but some of the responses surprised me!                                               

Here they are:

First-time sex should be...
Gentle as a summer breeze 56.9%
Like riding a bronco on a roller coaster 43.1%

Which celebrity is your "type"?
James Franco 38.8%
Ryan Reynolds 48.6% - OK! OK! OK! I will take Ryan over James, but just barely!!!
Jason Schwartzman 8.6%
Kayne West 1.6%
Marck Sanchez 5.9%
DJ Pauly D 1.4%

The most popular position, with 31% of the vote, is doggie style.
Other options:

Missionary 23.8%
Girl on top 27.1%
Reverse cowgirl 2.2%
Spooning 4.7%
Standing 2.5%
69 1.6%
Other 6.1%: My legs over his shoulders.

When is it OK for a guy to make a move?
Whenever, as long as he's sure I'm into him 71.3%
Only at the end of the first date 7.6%
Only after two or more dates 17.1%
I prefer to make the first move 4.1%

23%of women have had—and enjoyed—anal sex.

The below didn’t surprise me!

What is the best oral sex technique?
Switching up speed and pressure 27%
Making the same motion over and over, with consistent speed and pressure 17.5
One that incorporates your fingers 34.3%
I'm not fussy. Just get down there 16.5%
Other 4.7%

Which of the following is most likely to bring you to orgasm?
Oral sex 44.1%
Nipple sucking and fondling 8.8%
P in your V 35.8%
A third season of Glee 1.8%
Other 9.5%: "Just thinking." | "Clit stimulation: fingers or tongue." | Finger-banging." | "My vibrator. Love a man who isn't scared of it.

What do you think? 
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Sunday, March 20, 2011

What is FLOATING???

Facebook SEXY reader Question: My girlfriend wants to "float" but I don't know what that is. What is "floating?" 

Answer: Floating (aka docking, soaking, bag pipping, etc) are very common terms lately as "alternatives" to sex, these are terms for activities  where the penis is inserted into the vagina and then there is no back and forth motion; hence the term ‘floating’. The penis just ‘floats’ there.

Some people think that this is a way to have sex and still allow them to stay virgins. Since there is no back and forth, tugging and groping, that somehow you can stay a virgin.

Everyone…THIS IS SEX, you are no longer a virgin of you have sex this way and if you DO NOT use a condom you can still get a nasty STD (sexually transmitted disease) AND get pregnant.

Most sexually experienced people know that this is still SEX. So I am assuming that you are a younger, less sexually experienced person. 
If your girlfriend wants to float, she wants to experiment with sex. You two need to have a long talk about this and talk about if this is really what you want do.  
 If you do decide to have sex, be good to each other, be tender, and do not enter her until she is begging for you to. (She will be moist and ready for you then). AND, AND, AND USE a CONDOM!

Young people, protect yourself!

Do NOT have sex without a condom ever! Unless you are certain that you are in a completely monogamous relationship and that you have been your partners ONLY sex partner for years!

Women we always get shafted on this because it is not uncommon to be told that! PROTECT YOURSELF!

Planned Parenthood has free condoms! All colleges have health offices with FREE condoms.

If you are sexually active, your chances of catching an STD are greater than your chances of catching the flu! FLOATING is being sexually active!

ALSO if you think that if the guy does not ejaculate inside the vagina, that the girl cannot get pregnant. WRONG!

A girl can get pregnant even if the guy ejaculates between her thighs and his penis is not inserted into the vagina, sperm travels!


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Saturday, March 19, 2011

Facebook Reader Question: "His Girlfriend is asking to try anal....."

This post is about anal sex; please stop reading now if this topic is of no interest to you. 

Facebook SEXY reader Question: “Momma Elle, My girlfriend always suggests that we try anal, and for some reason i can’t get myself to do it! My friends say I should do it, but there is something that turns me off... Is anal that bad or is it something I should be open to explore with my girl?”
Thanks for asking this question, can I say that I love how you call her ‘my girl’? Everyone wants to feel wanted, calling her ‘my girl’ must make her feel really special!

I can see that you are thinking about experimenting with anal sex because it sounds like your girlfriend is ready to experiment in new sexual areas with you. 

That is a good thing! Her eagerness to do this means that she feels safe with you, I like hearing that couples are enjoying each other and feel safe with each other.

Now onto your question: I can understand why you ‘can’t get yourself’ to have anal sex. Anal sex is different from vaginal sex; with anal you have a few issues to consider.

First and foremost being: how are you going to deal with the ‘messiness’ of anal sex? Unless your partner has had a very recent, super good enema, you’re going to be dealing with some ‘chocolate bunnies’. If just the thought of that grosses you out, you need to be talking with your partner some more, because this might not be for you.

If you are still with me, then let’s go on. 

These ‘chocolate bunnies’ can be dealt with. Just make sure that when you are getting ready to have anal sex that you have some things close by: 

1. Condoms; the booty hole is very sensitive and can tear, not usually, but a condom protects you both AND you can get and give STI’s during anal sex.
2. A towel is nice, tissues/wipes are better because you can just throw them away. These are your answer to ‘chocolate bunnies’.
3. You need super good lubricant. Anal sex is NO fun without the best of lubricants. Start experimenting with lubricant; find some nice lubricant that you like the smell of and that really works for you. I can recommend ‘Maximus’ a water-based lubricant from liquidsilk.com. (or try ebay for purchasing) and please remember that KY jelly is not enough lubricant for anal sex.
4. Use LOTS of lubricant, you can even insert lubricant inside, and actually this works really well, lots of lubricant inside and outside.

Now you are ready to experiment.....
1. Be gentle.
2. Stop if you are asked to.
3. Don’t say, act or do anything that would convey that you feel grossed out. (even if you are)
4. Have lots of foreplay to stretch and get this area used to and ready for insertion.
5. Never go from anal to vaginal with the same condom or in the same session without thorough cleaning….I just don’t recommend it.

Finish with your anal fun. Shower, bathe have more sex later, but once you go anal, stay that way until the end.

As far as enjoying anal sex; this area of the body is very sensitive and full of nerve endings, the sensations are very unique and can be incredibly pleasurable. Males find that the insertion into (and being inside of) the ‘booty hole’ to be immensely pleasurable since this is such a tight area.

Many find this a ‘naughty’ act and that can add to the pleasure too. Role play is always fun.

Lastly, you and your girlfriend are experimenting and having fun, this is part of what sex is all about, laugh together, be good to each other, learn about each other and enjoy!

As always, write me back and let me know how my suggestions helped and share my website with your friends!

Friday, March 18, 2011

SEXY fantasy!

I find the days during the week fly by and prayers for Friday start getting more and more frequent as Wednesday whizzes by! 

Weekends are our time and SEXY readers make them your time! 

Weekends are the time to connect with your family, loved ones and most important partners. 

Make sure that your weekends do not pass without reconnecting. 

One really great way of reconnecting with your partner is with sex….make sure that your sex is fun, make sure that your sex is enjoyable, make sure that your sex is god for the both of you!

This weekend SEXY readers I want you to try a fantasy, whether it be elaborate or simple, first thing I want you to do is think of a fantasy that you would enjoy, then go ask your partner, make sure it is private alone time and ask, “Do you ever have any fantasy’s? What of?” Then I want the 2 of you to talk, and listen to each other’s fantasies, don’t try to dissect them, talk open and honestly and sweetly to each other, could the two of you try any?

Some girls love the ‘guy with a badge’ fantasy, some guys are hot for the ‘maid’ fantasy…
sexy cop Pictures, Images and Photos

Leave me comments about your fantasies! Did you know that you can comment anonymously??? 

Please do!

The basic sexual conflict between MEN & WOMEN....

"Seems to me the basic conflict between men and women,
sexually, is that men are like firemen. 

To men, sex is an emergency, and no matter what we're doing we can be ready in two minutes.

Women, on the other hand, are like fire.

They're very excited, but the conditions have to be exactly right for it to occur."    

 - Jerry Seinfeld

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

With the help of sex, this guy lost 75 pounds!!! (joke)

I love, Love, LOVE a good joke and this one is pretty good...I found it on the internet at jokes2go.com:

A guy was reading the paper one day lamenting the fact that his doctor has ordered him to lose 75 pounds. Next thing he sees is an  advertisement for a guaranteed weight loss program. Guaranteed like  heck, he thinks to himself. But lets see what they think they can do. He calls them on the phone and subscribes to the 3 day, 10 LB weight loss program.  

The next day there comes a knock at his door, and when he answers, there stands before him a voluptuous, athletic babe  dressed in nothing but a pair of Nikes and a sign hanging around her  neck. She introduces herself as a representative of the weight loss company. The sign reads, 'If you can catch me, you can have me'. Well, without a second thought he takes off after her (like who wouldn't). A few miles later, huffing and puffing, he finally catches her and has his way with her. 

After they are through, he kisses the girl one last time and thinks to himself with a nod, I like the way this company does business. For the next two days, the same girl shows up and the same thing happens each time. On the fourth day, he weighs himself and, sure enough, he has lost 10 pounds. Deciding that he likes his somewhat more slender physique, not to mention the method of treatment, he calls the company back and subscribes to their 5 day, 20 LB weight loss program.

He thinks that losing 20 pounds in only 5 days seems like a lot, but he is intrigued by what their workout schedule might be like this time. As expected, the next day there comes a knock at his door. When he answers it there stands a knockout dressed in nothing but a pair of Reeboks and a sign hanging around her neck. She is simply stunning, the most beautiful woman he has ever seen. She introduces herself as a representative of the weight loss company. The sign reads, 'If you can catch me, you can have me'. He's out the door like a shot. This gal is in excellent shape and it takes a while to catch her. But when he does, it is worth every cramp and wheeze. She is wonderful, the sex was the best he has ever had.

He is really looking forward to the next four days...

For the next four days, the same girl shows up and the same thing happens each time, much to his delight. On the sixth day, he weighs himself and, unbelievably, he has lost another 20 pounds. I love this company, he thinks to himself, I never knew losing weight could be so easy and so much fun. Feeling much better about himself, he decides to go for broke and subscribe to the companies 7 day, 50 pound weight loss program.

Are  you sure, sir? asks the representative on the phone. This is our most  rigorous program!

Absolutely, he says, I love your program. haven't  felt this good in years! The next day there comes a knock at his door and he enthusiastically answers it. There stands before him a 200  pound perfect specimen of a man dressed in nothing but NIKE racing spikes and a sign around his neck. He introduces himself as a representative of the weight loss company.

The sign reads, 'If I can catch you, I can have you'.

I Love, Love LOVE it!!!

Sunday, March 13, 2011

What about SEXY???

You can’t be sexy unless you feel sexy! 

It is so important that you have a sexy attitude about yourself so that you can feel sexy. This comes easy for some, but for many this is really hard! 

Both women AND men have insecurity issues, but what causes the insecurity is VERY different. Most women feel insecure about the way they look; this is by far and away the biggest insecurity issue for them.
Men on the other hand…..well…. men feel insecure really differently than women.

Men feel insecure about their work and their ability to provide, this is by far and away the biggest insecurity issue with them….

Men usually do not stress over their appearance, learning at an early age that their value is not in their appearance, but what they do in their work. 

Sexy Readers, accept yourself….REMEMBER that those who find you sexy think that you are sexy,  so accept that and choose to act in ways that make you feel sexy. Then you can start feeling sexy!

Because you can’t be SEXY unless you feel sexy.

Saturday, March 12, 2011

The forgotten pleasure place on your man…

When pleasing men sexually  many times we forget about a part of their body that is very open to touching, licking, squeezing and sucking; their nipples and upper chest.
Sexy readers, try it TODAY! 

Remember to watch him to see his reaction, listen to him to see his reaction, do what he likes and stop what he isn’t responding to…. He will probably Love, Love, LOVE it!
To get good sex, you need to give good sex, be a good lover to get a good lover!

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Facebook Sexy Fan Question: "How does a man talk dirty without being raunchy?"

A Facebook reader sent me this question: "How does a man talk dirty without being raunchy and what do I say to make my woman feel sexy?"  


My Answer: Start out tame and simple…..Every woman wants to feel that her partner only has eyes for her and finds her incredibly sexy………..

But, you have to put your talking to action….you can’t tell her, ‘every time I see your @ss in those jeans I want to take you in the bedroom and make you scream’ and then not follow through….

Sooo, start simple and tame….and definitely take it up a notch regularly until you are at a place that seems to work for the enjoyment of you both.

Tame: don't using clinical names, you are an adult now, it isn’t a penis and it isn’t a vagina, dirty talk isn’t dirty talk when you use clinical names.

Don’t use ‘dick’ either….think about what would be good names for you to call all the parts. This is different for different people, what I like and what my guy likes to hear might be different than you and your girl/guy. BUT, don’t go for the wild just yet, use common names that are tame.

Girls: Pussy, tender places, sweet folds, etc.

Guys: cock, hard on, organ, etc.

Actions: lick, suck, cum, screw, spank, squeeze, wet, moist, etc….

Start with a note, a text... not face to face during sex.... when you start with texts, notes and emails you can see how your 'dirty talk' is being received without feeling the embarrassment of face to face. I like sending dirty text messages. Emails are ok too as long as you DON’T send them to or from a work email. You can leave a message under the pillow or on top of their pj’s in the drawer, again start out tame and simple.
Then move onto some face to face during sex, again, start simple and tame.

Very short statements about what you would like to do to your partner are a good start and an easy way to judge their reaction. 
Sending short, sexy, dirty statements to your lover tells them that you find them sexy and exciting. If it doesn’t then they aren’t responding to the phrases that you are using, so try different statements.

remember you have to do the things you are saying you want to….start tame and build up over the course of a month…
After you have tried this for a week or so, try it face to face in bed, whisper dirty talk in your partners ear....
Also…talking dirty to her is about her….not about you…it is about making her feel sexy….

In all of the above, WATCH for the reaction of your partner. Watch to see if they are responding to what you are saying, how they are responding.

Watching is so important... watch for the response to what you say and what you do, if you want a good sex life, you will give good sex. 
 The only way you can give good sex is to watch for the response of your partner. When you see that they enjoy, like, love what you are saying or doing, then do more of it, if you aren’t seeing that they are enjoying what you are doing or saying, then try something different.

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Guys and Girls and M@sturbation

My take:   
Many are really unsure about masturbation....
soooo... let's talk a bit!

First thing I have to say is this; many people have a high sexual need, this need is a physical need.

There are some for whom this 'need' is overboard and excessive and would be considered unhealthy.

On the high end, a person who needs sex 4-5 times a week or pretty near that is healthy, very healthy imho (in my humble opinion). On the low side 1-2 times a week is still healthy.

I believe that needs are each individual's responsibility.

In other words, if you have a strong need for sex and your partner is not willing nor available, for what ever reason, your need is your responsibility. Do NOT blame your partner for your need not being met. It is YOUR need. ( I am NOT saying don't talk about this if it becomes an issue)

Does this give you an excuse to go out and meet that need with anyone else? NO, NO, NO!

What I am trying to explain is this: if you are being grouchy, irritable, rude, mean, bitchy, etc...all because you have a really strong sexual need that is not being met, it is no one's fault that your need is not being met.

Soooo.....by all means, meet that need in a quiet, private way...whether you are a guy or a girl.

If you have questions on that, please send those questions my way!

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In all of your sexual encounters; WATCH!  

Not watch like a voyeur, but WATCH for the reaction of your partner. Watch to see if they are responding to what you are saying, how they are responding.

Watching is so important, watch for the response to what you say and what you do, if you want a good sex life, you will give good sex.

The only way you can give good sex is to watch for the response of your partner. When you see that they enjoy, like, love what you are saying or doing, then do more of it, if you aren’t seeing that they are enjoying what you are doing or saying, then try something different.

Saturday, March 5, 2011

Tonight I realized that SIZE REALLY MATTERS......

Tonight I realized that size really matters......

'Embrace' by Angie R. McClelland
Size matters to girls! 
If you are a guy and want to have a girlfriend or a great relationship with your partner, I want you to understand that size matters; the size of your heart…is your heart big enough to remember her dreams, to be mesmerized by her smile, to laugh at her jokes, to tell her that she is AMAZING and SMART and GORGEOUS….to be there for her.   

Size matters to guys! 
If you are a girl and want to have a boyfriend or a great relationship with your partner, I want you to understand that size matters; the size of your pride in him…is your pride in your guy enough to remember that he needs you physically, to be grateful for what he does for you, to never put him down in front of his friends or in public, to tell him that you are PROUD of him and WHY in front of his PEOPLE…to be there for him.

It has long been said that girls give away sex to get LOVE and guys give away LOVE to get sex…..I see that this is many times so true….

Friday, March 4, 2011

Momma Elle - Best songs for MAKING LOVE.....

I wanted to get my sexy readers involved and also want to start a list of the BEST SONGS FOR MAKING LOVE....

Momma Elle's Top 5 Songs for Making Love. 

1. Fields of Gold - Sting
2. Secret Garden - Bruce Springsteen
3. Run Away With Me - Norah Jones
4. Please Send Someone to Love - Sade
5. Wicked Game - Chris Isaak


Kiss and Tell? BYU's Brandon Davies and Danica Mendivil

Oh such a sad day for two young lovers! 

Crucified on tv, radio, blog pages and facebook for making love….

Brandon Davies suspended BYU basketball player
What is the real story here?

The real story is that two young kids, together for 3 years, love and care for each other...and as what happens with most young love....one evening turned into night and they snuggled and probably fell asleep in each other’s arms after a sweet night of lovemaking.

But the underlying story is that Mr. Davies had the misfortune to play basketball for BYU, a school that has a code prohibiting such activity, and the breaking of that code caused him to tearfully confess his ‘sin’ in the locker room to his teammates and then the school promptly cut him from the team for such a sin.
Sports are sports and players are always cut for a multitude of sins, but what concerns me the most is the harm that has been done to this young couple.
Danica Mendivil Mr. Davies girlfriend

Is making love to your girlfriend of 3 years a ‘sin’ if you are not married?

Whose idea was it to ‘kiss and tell’?

Was this young couple coerced into revealing their ‘sin’ to save from being ‘outed’?

When it comes to premarital sex; I agree with my friend Steve Ward host of VH-1 reality show Tough Love.  “I strongly recommend abstinence for teenagers, the emotionally unstable and the sexually unhealthy.”  I do not agree that Brandon and Danica have 'sinned.'

I look at the pictures of Brandon and Danica and I hope that their love will carry them through all this, that there love will be strong and that they will have many more nights in each other’s arms, listening to the heart beat of the one that they love….

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Sheer Nightgowns Can Be Fatal

 Don't HATE me if you have read this before....but it is tooo funny to pass up!

copyright - http://emiliacouture.blogspot.com/
Sheer Nightgowns 
Can Be Fatal!

A husband walks into Victoria's Secret to purchase a sheer negligee for his wife. 

He is shown several possibilities that range from $250 to $500
in price -- the more sheer, the higher the price.

He opts for the sheerest item, pays the $500, and takes it home.

He presents it to his wife and asks her to go upstairs, put it on, and model it for him.  

Upstairs, the wife thinks (she's no dummy), "I have an idea .... it's so sheer that it might as well be nothing.  I won't put it on, I'll do the modeling naked, return it tomorrow, and keep the $500 refund for myself."

She appears naked on the balcony and strikes a pose.
The husband says, "Good Grief!  You'd think for $500, they'd at least iron it!"

He never heard the shot.
Funeral is on Thursday at Noon.
The coffin will be closed.