Thursday, October 20, 2011

Facebook Reader Question: how long do I have to wait after birth to have sex?

Facebook Reader Question: It’s been 2 months since I gave birth, how long do i have to wait so sex won’t hurt?
Momma Elle says: Sexy Reader! I am so sorry that sex still hurts! OUCH!

I bet that it isn’t that the sex hurts, it is the hormones that are present in your body right now!

You know, those lovely wonderful hormones that make you breast milk come in nice and healthy and the hormones that make your uterus tighten and shrink back to pre-pregnancy size….well one more thing that those hormones do, is they can cause vaginal dryness. The vaginal moisture when you are aroused just is not as intense as before!

All you need is some good lubricant, remember to use a water based lubricant, not petroleum based. 

Also after a baby, you can get to feeling like everyone wants a piece of you…remember to take some breaks and keep a little piece of yourself available for your partner….it was your partner  that you were excited to have a baby with…..don’t let having that baby mess up what you two  have together… 

Now I am not saying let the poor baby starve or cry it out! What I am saying is make sure that when the little one is all tucked in the cradle next to you that you grab your lube and get it on with the one that you love!!!

Sexy Readers, let me know your stories about sex after baby.....comment anonymously if you want....

Monday, October 10, 2011

Favorite PLACES TO HAVE SEX Poll Summary!

You are enjoying lots of great places to have SEX!

Dear SEXY Friends! My poll:
‘What is the best spot at your place to have sex?’ is now over and here is a summary of the results!

You are sure having fun!!!

Your favorite place to have sex is on the stairs! Woot! How fun !
Click on the picture for some animation!!!

Having sex ‘on the couch’ or ‘in the shower’ were tied as your second most favorite spot to have sex.

Lastly tied for 3rd – 7th spots were and in no particular order; kitchen, bathtub, laundry room, backyard and other!

SEXY friends! Sex is an enjoyable activity and is best when 2 people care about each other! 

When you experiment and have fun in places other than the bed, you bring a fresh atmosphere to your encounters. Sometime these encounters have silly moments and laughing, giggling and going with the flow can deepen your appreciation and friendship. 

Never get upset, sad or angry when these experiments don’t turn out exactly the way that you wanted!  Be good to each other and have fun!

Do you agree with this poll? What are your stories of your fave places??? Comment anonymously if you wish!

Friday, October 7, 2011

Foreplay Friday: Instructions to better SEX!

Make sure that you are letting each other know what really turns you on! 

Saying things like, “that really turns me on” or "I love it when you touch me , or lick me like that” give the right kind of positive instructions for each of you to start pleasing each other better!

You can also show your partner what feels good.... take their hand and show them how to touch, rub or stroke you! 

Giving instructions enhances the mood, hearing that your partner is having a great time because of what you are doing is a turn on!

Sooooo open your mouth, give instructions, show where to touch you and always remember to let your partner know how it feels.

Have you ever given your partner instructions or told them how good it felt? Leave your anonymous comments and let me know!

Facebook Reader Question: "Friends With Benefits?"

Facebook Reader Question: "Momma Elle, What do you think about 'friends with benefits'? Can that kind of relationship be good for girl?"

Dear Sexy Readers, friends with benefits? Who do these 'benefits', benefit?  

To get more information I have a poll going on right now on Facebook for guys only...I wanted to know how guys feel about 'friends with benefits'.

As for me?
I don't like 'friends with benefits'. Friends with benefits is casual sex....why have casual sex? I don't like casual sex. I never did and I never will.

Girl or guy, some of us have nurturing natures, we can be sweet people....'friends with benefits' to a nurturing, sweet person is devastating....very devastating because they care...and when you care, you get hurt....

Sex is not a casual thing! Sex is something that brings 2 people together, sex binds you, sex touches you, sex makes you give a part of yourself and give it to another person. 

Why would you want to do that casually, flippantly, with a no-commitment, no care attitude?

Needs? You can meet that need yourself and in a pretty satisfying fashion too.... you don't need to give yourself away for your needs.....

The best sex is between 2 people who care about each other...anything else and you are short-changing I am not saying that you have to be married or anything...but be in a mutually caring relationship...that is where the best sex comes from.

More this weekend after I close the poll.....
but sound off now, tell me please....comment here and let me know how you feel? You can comment anonymously...