Wednesday, June 29, 2011

WORDLESS Wednesdays!!!

I am starting something fun on WEDNESDAYS....
they will be WORDLESS WEDNESDAYS ....

hopefully my readers will want to make comments!

On Wednesdays I will post a picture....

Then I will randomly choose one of the comments that is made about the picture to be the prize winner!


This weeks prize is a pair of sex dice!

Leave your comment to see if you are the winner of a pair of sex dice!

Wordless Wednesday.....

I am starting something fun on WEDNESDAYS....
they will be WORDLESS WEDNESDAYS ....

hopefully my readers will want to make comments!

On Wednesdays I will post a picture....

Then I will randomly choose one of the comments that is made about the picture to be the prize winner!

This weeks prize is a pair of sex dice!

Leave your comment to see if you are the winner of a pair of sex dice!

‘Concerning Oral Sex’ poll summary - VERY INTERESTING....

The ‘Concerning Oral Sex’ poll is closed now and I wanted to share with you what I found from the votes.

40% said that their partner is really good at oral sex.
             AWESOME and LUCKY!!!

20% said that their partner could really use some help at being good at oral sex.
            Ahhhh…yes, I agree, here is a few simple ideas to help you get started:
            For your woman, think of eating a ripe, juicy peach; do it tenderly and gently.
For your man, think of eating an ice cream cone; lots of licking with your tongue and mouth covering over the top. 
Sheesh! Get a room puppies!

20% are very sad that they don’t have a partner right now as they love, love, love oral sex!
Keep looking for that special partner!

20% said that they can’t GET enough oral sex.
Who does???

Fortunately there were ZERO votes for feeling that oral sex is a sin;
which is good because oral sex is very natural and normal and SEXY.
There were also ZERO votes for “I can’t GIVE enough oral sex”.
It would seem that we would rather get than give! Well I can understand that! Something that feels so good is always better to get then give……but remember, there is a way to get AND give at the same time, but it can be distracting! (69)

Note: According to a recent Discovery Health Network/Berman and Berman poll, 63% of all adult men and women wish they had oral sex more frequently, while nearly the same percentage (60%) indicate that giving and receiving oral sex is their favorite sexual behavior.
For more in depth instructions, try these 2 books!

Sunday, June 26, 2011

PICTURE Perfect Summer Sex!

A few weeks age I urged all of my SEXY readers to make sure that they had some SUMMERTIME SEX!!!

I hope that you have been successful! 

If not, here is a great pic for a gentle reminder!

Have you had a GREAT summertime sex experience, post anonymously and let me know!

Friday, June 24, 2011

Cancer is considered a really dull lover!

Cancer (June 22-July 23)

This sign produces the greatest mothers of the entire zodiac.

Cancers live for their homes and families. While the spouse is in a motel room with the secretary, the Cancer wife is sitting at home, telling the kids how wonderful it is that dad stays late at the office to earn more bread for the family home.

Cancers get married. And then screwed over. And married. And screwed over again. And married.

But who's counting?
Cancers are pretty dull lovers. Foreplay to a Cancer man involves a kiss on the cheek. Ask a Cancer woman what foreplay is, and she'll  say "something they shout on a golf course before they throw out the first ball." The phrase "wham, bam, thank you, mam" was invented to describe a Cancer's honeymoon.

While they are pretty damned dull to others, Cancers have a good time, because they live in a dream world.

Other famous people born under this sign are Robin Williams, Tom Hanks, Lindsay Lohan, Liv Tyler and Pamela Anderson.

You tell me, leave your comments, do you think Pamela Anderson is sexy???

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Facebook Reader Question: “What do you think about men who wear panties?”

Facebook Reader Question: “What do you think about men who wear panties?” here are similar questions that I think are from the same person: "Do you think it is sexy for a man to wear panties for his wife?" and “Do you think men who wear panties are sexy?”

Momma Elle answers: Thank you for trusting me enough to ask this question. As usual this question makes me have a lot of questions too, such as: 
Do you as a man want to wear panties and want to know if other people find them sexy?
Is someone else (wife?)  asking you to wear panties and you wanted to know if that is really something that other people find sexy?

If you would be so awesome as to respond and answer my questions and give me a little more information, then I will see if I can give you a better answer. (you can respond here anonymously if you like)

 Now, here is my take, if my man wore panties, I am not sure that I would find it sexy. I like my man in say silky boxers, or silky briefs, but panties make me think of pink, ruffles, little charms and stuff. With that thought in mind, I would have to say that ‘No’, I would not find him sexy in panties.

But, if you feel sexy in panties and/or if your partner thinks you will look sexy in panties and you are okay wearing panties for your partner, or your partner is okay with you wearing panties,


Sex is about having fun and pleasing each other, as long as you are both consenting adults and neither of you feel coerced in any way. If so, play with panties, role play, have fun, and remember to laugh and be good to each other!

I have posted a poll to see how other people feel about a man wearing panties. Please don't get discouraged if poll results aren't what you were hoping for!

Have any of you ever worn something that was a little bit unusual for your bedroom play??? -Leave a comment and let me know, you can comment anonymously if you like!

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Unpredictable and fascinating Gemini!

Marilyn Monroe, beloved Gemini
Gemini-May 22-June 21 (sign of the twins) are schizophrenic, unpredictable and fascinating! Though they will usually tell you one thing, and then go do something absolutely different, they are not being two-faced. When Jesus said, "Father, forgive them, for they know not what they do," he was probably looking at a bunch of Gemini.

This means, of course, that most Gemini are gay. Gemini homes always have closets, but it is often difficult to tell if they are coming in, or coming out of them. Or both.

Here is a joke about Gemini: Two Gemini men are walking down the street. The foxiest lady on earth walks by, and one of them sighs. The other turns to him and says "Bruce! What was that all about?!!"  And Bruce answers, "Oh, Ferdinand, she was so fabulous! For the first time in my life I wished I was a lesbian!"

Gemini also love to "chase someone till they're caught." Women Gemini, especially, love to tease, and then when the guy falls all over them drooling, she'll *forget* she was ever remotely interested.

However, Gemini tends to be very naive and gullible, so they are easily taken advantage of, especially by children. Most Gemini parents think that the new kid's fad is to sniff powder sugar. Geminis' children buy lots of insulin syringes for diabetic aunts, even when neither of their parents have sisters.

Famous people born under this sign include Marilyn Monroe, Colin Farrell, Paula Abdul, Angelina Jolie, Shai LeBeouf, Mark Wahlberg, Queen Victoria and Brigham Young. (wth?)

Monday, June 20, 2011

Facebook Reader Question: I feel that I think too much about sex.

Facebook Reader asks: "I feel I think too much about sex. [I feel I want] to cut back on this instead of [these thoughts] controlling me." and again either another reader writes, (I think that these 2 questions are from the same reader)...."[I am] trying to get help for my thoughts, [they] always end up about sex. This issue controls me, [instead of] me controlling it."


Momma Elle writes:

Thank you so much for sending me your question. I am happy to help.

This is one of those questions that makes me have a lot of questions for you first, but I will try to answer your question. 

I am going to ask you some questions and if you can, comment to this post so I can help you better.

1st,  are your thoughts about having sex with another adult and are these thoughts about generally normal sexual encounters that are mutually agreed upon?
2nd, are you sexually active?
3rd, what is the frequency of these thoughts?

So assuming that you are NOT having sex, and have never been sexually active and that you’re thinking a lot about sex. I am going to answer this question from this perspective.

FIRST OFF…sex is a physical need, just like food, sex is a physical need. If you are over the age of 14 for a male and 16 for a female (these are just generalities) your body wants sex. 

Some bodies want more sex than others, just like some bodies want more food than others. 

If you were hungry and denied your body food, you would begin to think about food all of the time.

So maybe you are just ‘normal’ and are experiencing ‘normal’ desires and thoughts about meeting your physical need for sex and since that need is not being met, you are getting to the point where you can’t stop thinking about sex, ,much like you wouldn’t be able to stop thinking about eating if you were starved, or drinking if you were parched.

Also please remember that everyone that is puberty and beyond thinks about sex and usually everyday! Again, some more than others, but mostly everyone does. 

Men usually think about sex first thing in the morning as they, just by the nature of their bodies, wake up with an erection. This is due to the blood beginning to pump harder through their entire body and thus creates an erection. This doesn't usually happen because of sexual desires, but those sexual desires happen nearly simultaneously.

Now, since you tell me that you ‘feel’ that you are thinking too much about sex, and that you ‘feel’ that these thoughts are controlling you. I am curious if this is a religious issue.

Many religions require one to be non-sexual outside of marriage. If this is part of your life, then I can understand completely why you are thinking about sex so much! You are thinking about sex so much because you have very real physical needs and you aren’t allowing yourself to meet them. If religion is the reason why you aren’t meeting your physical needs, I am sorry, but I cannot give you spiritual guidance.


I believe that:

Masturbation is a good way for an individual to meet their own physical needs for sexual satisfaction. This is normal, good and right and can be deeply satisfying.  

I also believe that 2 consenting adults who are in a deeply caring and committed relationship can enjoy each other sexually and this is normal, good and right.

Many religions put parameters on sexuality and limit sexual needs, wants and desires. If this is what you want to do and where you want to be in your life, then you need to follow what your religion wants you to do; otherwise your religion will tell you that you will be unhappy, sinful and bad.   

I don’t agree with this, but that is another post for another day.

Can the writer of this question please respond with more information???  As always, readers please feel free to share your thoughts with me. You can comment anonymously if you need to.

FACEBOOK Reader Question: More about hymens and hymenal rings….

A Facebook Reader writes:

I'm having a partial [hymenectomy] done due to the extreme difficulty I've had inserting even my own fingers (which are very slender), tampons and recently a vibrator [into my Vagina]. Pap smears have always been painful but I never knew there could be something done about this. My doctor said my hymenal ring was thicker than normal so making some incisions in it would help. I'm not sure if she means she'll be removing part or how exactly this procedure will work.

If you wouldn't mind, would you answer a few more questions? Google has been useless for things like this.

Is your hymen a barrier or a wall of tissue that's up inside your vagina? I'd always thought it was but recently I'm not sure. I'd read about when you have sex you 'break your hymen' so this confused me.

You said it was tucked up inside the vagina, is it very far inside or more towards the opening? And should you be able to feel your cervix? I thought that was far up inside of you.

I'm so happy there's a blog like this and you're willing to answer questions. Like I said, google has been of no help at all. Thank you for being so open and full of information!

Dear SEXY Reader,

If your doctor has seen that you have a thicker hymeneal ring than ‘normal’ then I would probably take her word for it. Sometimes that happens, just like sometimes we are born with other little things that aren’t quite ‘normal’. I say ‘normal’ because normal is different for everyone. In this case, your ‘normal’ needs a bit of adjusting it sounds like. 

Your hymen is a thin piece of tissue that is inside your vagina ‘usually’ about one third of the way between your vaginal opening and your cervix, it is ‘usually’ about the thickness of one-tenth of your eye lid. You can see then why it tears easily, especially during vigorous bike riding horseback riding, gymnastics, tampon use, finger insertion, masturbation, etc…and when the hymen is thicker, you can see why it doesn’t tear easily.  

The hymen is also NOT A BARRIER. It ‘usually’ has a hole in the middle or several holes. This allows for the natural fluids that a vagina generates to flow through it. Rarely will the hymen be thick and solid and act like a barrier, a condition like this will most likely be found out at an early age as this would cause some problems that would be noticeable.

In no way should a woman, nor anyone, judge her value as a person, a woman, or a virgin based on her hymen!

I feel that this is as criminal as judging how good a man is by the size of his penis.

Up to now, it is your doctor that knows your vagina better then you do, so now is the time for you to get to know your own vagina.  If you were to insert your finger into your vagina, also use mirrors so that you can see what you are doing, you can feel the point at which the hymen is interfering with farther insertion. Practice this, get to know your body. Yes, you can also feel your cervix, you might have to bend over more to allow for insertion farther up, but a woman should be able to feel her cervix and feel around the cervix. Your cervix will feel like an almost ripe banana and should be about ½ inch long, maybe less.    

Actually the best place to feel for these body parts is either on the toilet or propped up on your bed with lots of mirrors and pillows and good lighting.  REMEMBER to use lubricant as this will help a lot.

Picture of a normal cervix.
As I explained before, you can feel the opening in your cervix this way and this technique is used to examine for an IUD in place in the opening of the cervix. 

I would also like for you to ask your doctor exactly what she is going to do during the hymenectomy and how she is going to do it. Make her use charts and pictures. Since you will have already been exploring your own sweet vagina, this will be a very helpful conversation and you will understand it so much more!

Please feel free to respond with your questions or comments.

Can any more of my Readers share their experiences?

Thursday, June 2, 2011

Summer Time SEX!

   We spend the entire winter waiting for summer and before we know it, we are donning our shorts and sandals and it is warm! 

Ahhh then we are sunning ourselves at the pool and in the backyard. Warmth and sun, shorts and bare skin make us feel really good about ourselves and the way we look…. we start feeling sexy and we want more time with our partners or we want to find a partner!

Summer is a great and summer sex is AWESOME!

Summer time sex can be loads of fun…. We feel freer and more open with our bodies, and we want to show them off and be with people that we care about!

Let’s talk about summer sex!

   This summer I want you to liven up your sex life! I want each and every one of you to have sex outside at least once!

How about....Sex in tents, Sex in your own back yard, Sex on your patio?  More ideas?

How about trying sex in areas other than your bedroom?

Sex in your living room with him sitting on the couch, you straddling his lap facing him? Sex on the stairs, tricky but silly and fun! Sex after a long day at the pool, beach or boating can be really lusty and fun.

Come on and try it! 

Liven up your summer and your love life!

Do you have any good summer sex stories? Share them with us! You can send your stories anonymously if you like! (see the send questions page)

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Facebook Reader Question: Hymens and hymenal rings; what are they?

SEXY Facebook Reader Question: “I have to have a partial hymenectomy soon and I wanted to know, is the hymen and the hymenal ring the same thing or is there a difference? The more I research online the more confused I get!”
Momma Elle answers:
Yes, the hymen and hymenal ring are the same thing….. the hymen is like a very thin donut tucked up inside the vagina (tube to the uterus) sometimes the hymen has torn and only ‘half or a portion of the donut’ is left….remember that the hymen is usually very thin. 

If you insert your finger inside your vagina, you might be able to feel your hymen if you still have one.  

Every woman should know what the inside of her vagina feels like, she should feel her hymen if she has one, and she should also insert her finger inside enough to feel the opening of her cervix, if you touch the tip of your nose and wiggle your finger a bit, this is what the opening of the cervix feels like. Use your middle finger for this investigating. 

At the same time, use mirrors to see what you can see and explore the outer parts of your vulva (a women’s genital area) too.  I believe that women should be familiar with their bodies. 

Having or NOT having a hymen does not indicate whether you are a virgin or not. 
Hymens can be broken from bicycle riding, horseback riding, gymnastics, and all kinds of other activities even at an early age, some girls are not even born with a hymen.

Sometimes the hymen can be very thick and even very sensitive. This can cause insertion to be incredibly difficult or even impossible. A woman dealing with this issue usually cannot use tampons, insert vibrators nor can her partner insert his penis into her vagina. The procedure to resolve this is called a hymenectomy. (the hymen is surgically removed) Sometimes women don’t realize that they have a hymenal issue and think that this is what sex is all about and that sex hurts….


I did a little research and I found a nice website that has women talking about hymenectomys. It is a few years old, but nice to read about other women’s experiences.

After you have your hymenectomy, rest well, use a really good lubricant for the first 
dozen times of insertion sex, I recommend several lubricants here.

Make sure to take it slow and easy when making love.

One rule that I have about insertion: never let him or anyone insert anything into your vagina until you are so hot and lusty from foreplay that you are begging for it…I mean this! (I am talking about sex of course, not the GYN’s office hahaha!)

 Please write me back and let me know how this whole procedure worked out for you! I would be curious to know why this procedure was recommended for you and also if my advice was helpful.

Ladies, have any of you ever experienced this kind if hymenal pain? Have any of you ever had a hymenectomy? Please post (anonymously if you choose) and let us know about it!