Tuesday, July 3, 2012

SEXY FAN QUESTION: "How can I get an orgasm?"

Hi, I'll keep it short, I'm 22 years old, married, and with a year old baby. I would like to know how can I get an orgasm? I been sexually active since I was 19 and I never reach to that level.   Please help....

Momma Elle answers:
…women are beautiful, sensual, soft, wonderful creatures and it is so important that we feel pleasure and ORGASMS!

For nearly every woman; having orgasms starts with being comfortable with your sexuality, that means understanding that you are a sexual being, that having sexy thoughts, feelings, dreams and fantasies are a good, natural and wonderful thing.

It also means knowing and understanding your own body. Learn what your clitoris (clit) is, know what your labia (outer and inner lips) are and understand that your vagina is actually the entrance to your uterus (womb). Your ‘entire’ vagina/va-jay-jay/pussy/etc. is called a vulva… isn’t that a nice word?

Again I say to you, get to know yourself, get to know your vulva, feel how soft your vulva is, feel where all your parts are, learn how you feel as you touch them, can you touch yourself in a way that brings you pleasure? If not, why not? Think about this…ok?
Women rarely orgasm from pumping, it takes direct clitoral stimulation to achieve orgasm, especially the first 50 times or so! I want you to start taking time for yourself, to start learning about what feels good to you. See if you can take some time when the baby is napping, at a time when you are feeling sexy and want some sex...lock the bathroom door, and love yourself! Touch yourself and enjoy how this touching feels, experiment, try different ways to touch yourself. Most importantly play with your sensitive little knob and see if you can make yourself feel really good.  You may want to try a vibrator....that can help too...
This would be a good Vibrator to try: My First Vibe
It's ok if you don't orgasm at first, but the more you love on yourself, the closer that you will get to orgasm. Soon you will orgasm and it will feel great! 
Once you cum for yourself, it is easier to cum with your partner.....
Here are a few other things that I want you to work on....

Learn what your normal scent is, learn to enjoy your normal scent. Be OK with your normal scent, it is your God-given scent and it is wonderful! Ignore the billion dollar industry that tells you that your normal scent is yukky! They have lied to you to make money off of you!

Know when you ovulate, know what is a good contraception for you, (did you know that some bc pills, iud’s and many other bc’s with hormones can actually reduce your sex drive?).

Now is YOUR SEXY TIME!!! Don’t let your mom, your religion, your anything tell you that you cannot explore, feel and touch yourself and find pleasure and expect pleasure!
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