I am Momma Elle

I am a smart gal who loves talking about sex.

I have a lot of kids, some of which are grown and gone. 

If you were able to come to my home and sit and talk with me you would find that I am....

An honest, down-to-earth friendly gal, who loves to be a friend and help people with their sex questions.

I am not a doctor nor a social worker, I have a gift of being able to talk about sex, connecting with people, and I have LOTS of information about sex to share. 

I mean, who wants to really talk to a doctor or heaven forbid a bishop or priest about their bedroom problems!
I love all my SEXY fans and am humbled by all their questions.....

I have been asked so many questions.....when I answer them I post the questions and the answers on my Facebook page discussion tab. Ask Momma Elle - Sex Talk with Momma Elle.

With me you get straight 'Sex Talk' from your friend next door, your 'aunty'...the mom you never had, to help you with your bedroom problems!

Sooooo...ASK your Momma Elle what you wouldn't, couldn't dare ask your mom!

Let me help you with your worries, your fears, and your concerns about SEX.

Ask your questions and get answers.