Thursday, April 26, 2012

GIRLS, Be Active with your BIRTH CONTROL

Lori’s grandmother raised 12 children, so taking on the task of raising Lori was an easy choice for her. Unfortunately Lori grew up sad, angry, and lonely. 

Lori started having boyfriends at an early age and without any kind of education about sex and birth control, (her grandparents were devoutly religious and didn’t discuss such) Lori became an unwed mother at 17. Lori, her new baby, and the baby’s father now live with her mother and her mother’s boyfriend. 

Lori’s chances of ever obtaining her high school diploma or any form of higher education are slim. Statistics show she is destined to less than a minimum wage job. Her ability to be self-supporting has dropped drastically, all to the lack of some conversation about sex and birth control.

Birth Control works!

Use The Pill!
Get an IUD!
Get the Depo Shot....

Please stop telling yourself you will stop having sex, or you can't get pregnant because you haven't yet, or any other such BULL...if you are making out, you are close to having sex and the repercussions of getting pregnant are life long. Unplanned pregnancies can have dire consequences not only for you, but your children and their children.

If you have questions about birth control, (guys too) ask me!

Call Planned Parenthood TODAY 
at 1-800-230-PLAN