Thursday, April 26, 2012

GIRLS, Be Active with your BIRTH CONTROL

Lori’s grandmother raised 12 children so raising her wasn’t that hard of a choice for grandma, but what actually happened is that Lori grew up sad, angry and lonely. 

With a non-existent father Lori became promiscuous at an early age, with no education about sexuality and birth control, (her grandparents were devoutly religious and didn’t discuss such) Lori became an unwed mother at 17. Lori, her new baby, and the baby’s father now live with her mother and her mother’s boyfriend. 

Lori’s chances of ever obtaining a college degree, to ever have anything other than a minimum wage job and her ability to be self-supporting have dropped drastically.   

All for the want of some conversation about sex and birth control.
Birth Control works!

Use The Pill!
Get an IUD!
Get the Depo Shot....
Actual Real Life Stories of Planned Parenthood Clients

Stop telling yourself that you are going to stop having sex, that you won't have sex, or any other such BULL...if you are making out, you are treading on thin ice and the repercussions of 'slipping up' are life long and not only have dire consequences for you, but your children and their children.

If you have questions about Birth Control, (guys too) just ask me!

It's hard to believe that it has been since December 2011 that I wrote, so many things have happened, but I want you to know that I am still here!