Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Facebook Reader Question: Hymens and hymenal rings; what are they?

SEXY Facebook Reader Question: “I have to have a partial hymenectomy soon and I wanted to know, is the hymen and the hymenal ring the same thing or is there a difference? The more I research online the more confused I get!”
Momma Elle answers:
Yes, the hymen and hymenal ring are the same thing….. the hymen is like a very thin donut tucked up inside the vagina (tube to the uterus) sometimes the hymen has torn and only ‘half or a portion of the donut’ is left….remember that the hymen is usually very thin. 

If you insert your finger inside your vagina, you might be able to feel your hymen if you still have one.  

Every woman should know what the inside of her vagina feels like, she should feel her hymen if she has one, and she should also insert her finger inside enough to feel the opening of her cervix, if you touch the tip of your nose and wiggle your finger a bit, this is what the opening of the cervix feels like. Use your middle finger for this investigating. 

At the same time, use mirrors to see what you can see and explore the outer parts of your vulva (a women’s genital area) too.  I believe that women should be familiar with their bodies. 

Having or NOT having a hymen does not indicate whether you are a virgin or not. 
Hymens can be broken from bicycle riding, horseback riding, gymnastics, and all kinds of other activities even at an early age, some girls are not even born with a hymen.

Sometimes the hymen can be very thick and even very sensitive. This can cause insertion to be incredibly difficult or even impossible. A woman dealing with this issue usually cannot use tampons, insert vibrators nor can her partner insert his penis into her vagina. The procedure to resolve this is called a hymenectomy. (the hymen is surgically removed) Sometimes women don’t realize that they have a hymenal issue and think that this is what sex is all about and that sex hurts….


I did a little research and I found a nice website that has women talking about hymenectomys. It is a few years old, but nice to read about other women’s experiences.

After you have your hymenectomy, rest well, use a really good lubricant for the first 
dozen times of insertion sex, I recommend several lubricants here.

Make sure to take it slow and easy when making love.

One rule that I have about insertion: never let him or anyone insert anything into your vagina until you are so hot and lusty from foreplay that you are begging for it…I mean this! (I am talking about sex of course, not the GYN’s office hahaha!)

 Please write me back and let me know how this whole procedure worked out for you! I would be curious to know why this procedure was recommended for you and also if my advice was helpful.

Ladies, have any of you ever experienced this kind if hymenal pain? Have any of you ever had a hymenectomy? Please post (anonymously if you choose) and let us know about it!

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  1. I asked the original question and thank you for the information! It's very helpful. :-)

    I'm having a partial done due to the extreme difficulty I've had inserting even my own fingers (which are very slender), tampons and recently a vibrator. Papsmears have always been painful but I never knew there could be something done about this. My doctor said my hymenal ring was thicker than normal so making some incissions in it would help. I'm not sure if she means she'll be removing part or how exactly this procedure will work.

    If you wouldn't mind, would you answer a few more questions? Google has been useless for things like this.

    Is your hymen a barrier or a wall of tissue that's up inside your vagina? I'd always thought it was but recently I'm not sure. I'd read about when you have sex you 'break your hymen' so this confused me.

    You said it was tucked up inside the vagina, is it very far inside or more towards the opening? And should you be able to feel your cervix? I thought that was far up inside of you.

    I'm so happy there's a blog like this and you're willing to answer questions. Like I said, google has been of no help at all. Thank you for being so open and full of information!